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Welcome to Willow Walks Leicestershire's friendly, reliable and professional dog walking and care service

By allowing an output for their energy it will help them get mentally and physically balanced. It is also beneficial to you and your home as that energy and mental frustration can come out of them in many ways, either chewing your furniture, barking at passers-by or tail chasing! This is where Willow Walks can come in and help you either when you're at work or busy at home, we can help your dog exercise and have fun to allow them to get tired and relaxed. Upon talking to you we can arrange a walking guide for your dog, we can walk them around your local area, park or take them away to a nature area such as Bradgate Park and Watermead. There are many nature walks around this area and Willow Walks takes full advantage of these with your dogs.

Willow Walks can walk your dog on a regular or ad hoc basis, usually over the lunchtime period, unless your work pattern dictates a more tailored approach. Our flexible service enables our dog walkers to exercise your dog at a time to suit you if you work unusual hours. If preferred we can also simply let them out for a play in the garden and give them lots of fuss and attention with Willow Walks Pet Visit Service.

Often we walk our dogs in carefully chosen packs of no more than four. We do this purposely so that they can have some socialisation with their own kind - they are pack animals after all! This way the dogs enjoy plenty of exercise and interaction by running around together in a safe environment. However, if required, we also offer solo walks for timid or difficult to control dogs that need one-on-one.  

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Play TimeIts Play Time! - From Only £9.00

Willow Walks offers a great service that others in the local area don't offer, we will not just fuss your dog as we're walking them and we don't keep them on lead! (owner's written consent needed). We will take them to a local wildlife area to play with them, run and fetch. No need to worry about your dog's safety, on our first walks together we use long lines that keep your dog safely in our hands but they can still run with a sense of freedom. Once a bond between us and your dog has been formed they can then have complete freedom. This is great exercise for them and far more beneficial for them mentally and physically. It will help if they have mountains of energy or if your dog has a little too much weight around the middle that needs burning off. By doing this exercise we can also test your dog's recall skills and drive. So if you ever want to let your dog off the lead but have always been unsure, this will build up your confidence with your dog to be able to play with them as you want to.

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