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1-to-1 dog training tailored to suit you and your dog exacting needs

Tailored to suit your exacting needs our Willow Way 1-to-1 dog training sessions are available for puppies and adolescent dogs.  No matter what you’re aiming to achieve you can rest assured that we will only ever practice and teach positive reinforcement and force-free training methods, ensuring you and your dog have the best chances of succeeding.

1-to-1’s are ideally suited if you would prefer a more bespoke dog training session tailored to suit you and your dog. 1-to-1 dog training sessions can be Ideal for dogs that are more comfortable by themselves or are easily overwhelmed in a group environment.

1 to 1 dog training sessions are either conducted at the Willow Walks paddock or at your own home / garden.

Using only ethical and up to date methods, we can assist you with;

  • Crate training,
  • general obedience,
  • recall,
  • toilet training,
  • loose lead walking,
  • puppy life skills,
  • adolescent life skills,
  • Focus,
  • Settling,
  • Trick behaviours.

How Our 1 to 1 Sessions Work

  • Upon your enquiry we will have a free 15-minute discovery call focus to assess your individual training requirements.
  • Time and date set in diary for our first session.
  • First session, we discuss our plan of action and start training!
  • Follow up session is booked.
  • Support is there between sessions via phone, email, and training guide sheet.

As with our group classes you will receive supported take away step by step guide sheets that details all the techniques and tips learnt that session, ideal for non attending family members or to simply refresh your memory.

Please be aware that Willow Walks is not a behaviouralist. Reactivity and separation anxiety cases require a behaviouralist. We will do out upmost to refer you on to the right qualified professional.

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