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Give your puppy the best start in life, give them the Life Skills to suceed

Puppy Training Leicestershire.

The Willow Walks Puppy Life Skills course is a five-week practical program designed to give you and your puppy the perfect start on your life journey together!  Our Puppy Life Skills program is made up of a carefully crafted array of training exercises, novel stimuli, and positive associations that together will develop your puppy into a well-rounded member of your family.

The Puppy life skills we teach include;

  • Foundation behaviours
  • Proximity and bond building exercises
  • Recall
  • General obedience
  • Settle
  • Behaviours that promote good choices
  • Loose lead walking

Each puppy training session is supported by a take away step by step guide sheet that details all the techniques and tips learnt that week, ideal for non attending family members or to simply refresh your memory.

During each puppy training session, we will take time to discuss puppy problems, health, body language & Dog law

5 Week Life Skills Course

Week 1

Taster Game – To find out what your puppies’ individual tastes are, what do they find reinforcing?
Focus – Eye contact is an important building block for behaviours that promotes engagement and communication between you and your puppy.
Spin – Classed as a trick behaviour, spin helps to build motivation in learning whist helping with body awareness.

Week 2

Proximity Games – To promote confidence and build positive associations to off lead activities.
Gotcha Game – Conditioning the collar/harness grab to be a welcomed experience for your puppy to reduce them playing ‘keep away’ when you go to pop their lead on
Recall – One of the most important behaviours we can teach our puppies for a safe and freeing life together.


Week 3

Settle – Long term we want our dogs to choose relaxation and calmness, through shaping we help the puppies choose to settle.
Touch – Using our hand as a target, touch is not only a fun behaviour, it adds positive associations to human hands.
Leave – A self-control exercise for your puppy that can be very useful in the kitchen.

Week 4

Loose Lead – Giving you the tools and knowhow to develop pleasurable walks with your puppy.
Handling – Whether it be by the vet, groomer we want to help your puppy feel confident and comfortable being handled.
Close – Our version of heal, give your pup a helping hand by letting them know where you would like them to be.

Week 5

Sit – A default behaviour every puppy and owner usually has sussed, we work on tidying up the sit and proofing it.
Wait – With our proofing exercises, using distance, duration and distractions our sit will turn into a wait.
Middle – A behaviour that has it all. Middle adds value to being within the owners space, gives your puppy a safe space to default to when they feel unsure and adds fun to a recall.

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Advanced Puppy Classes

At Willow Walks we believe that dog training should not only develop ability and change behaviour but also grow trust, love and confidence. We believe that dog training should be constructive, safe, fun and rewarding at all times for both dog and owner.

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